Regular window cleaning should be an essential part of your routine home maintenance. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help your windows last longer, make your home more energy efficient and help to maintain property values.

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Window screens should be cleaned when your regular window maintenance is performed. If not regulary cleaned, the trapped particles and allergens in the screen cells come into your home with the air when the windows are opened.

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Dirty skylights can really detract from your home's overall appearance. Cleaning them requires the cleaning of the glass surfaces from both the inside and the outside of the structure. Accessing the skylights for cleaning should only be done by a trained professional.
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Chandeliers were created to add sparkle and grandeur to a room. If they become dirty or dusty, they can lose a lot of their luster. Cleaning them can be a tedious process for the novice person so it's best to let a professional handle the job for best results.

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Gutters are responsible for directing runoff from the rain from your roof so that it doesn't pool on the wood and cause it to deteriorate or rot. Debris from trees can cause the gutters to become clogged. They should be cleaned every year by a trained professional.
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Screen Cleaning

At the time of your regular window cleaning service we highly recommend to always have your window screens cleaned as well. It's very inexpensive but very crucial for the healthy environment in the apartment.

Window screens serve as apartments air filters and are filthy with different dirt and pigeons bacteria. If left uncleaned this dust and bacteria get inside of the apartment with fresh air when windows are opened.

Screen Repairs

Very often our professional teams can not only clean your screens but also repair them right on spot at the time of the window cleaning service.

Screens can be re-screened with new mesh in a matter of minutes and your home will be protected from the insects again.

Please refer to our screen repair pricing page and call us at 718·872·5122 to have your windows professionally cleaned and screens repaired.

Window Screen Cleaning

Please see the pricing for our screen cleaning services.